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During the course of our existence we are forever navigating the ups and downs of career, family, relationships, aging, disease, planetary responsibility, finances and everything else life has to throw at us. We find ourselves searching for a few solid tools that can move us all towards healthy, happy and abundant living.  


I have personally curated this website as a platform to share some powerful anchors that have supported my journey in the areas of yoga, nursing, psychology, psychiatry, nutrition and wellness.


My enlistment in the U.S. Navy, over a decade in nursing, extensive yoga certifications, and doctoral training as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner have all helped to shape my approach to healthy living and trauma recovery. Through my own humbling successes and failures, I have understood that; one size does not fit all, nobody has all the answers, the human organism is always evolving, and our wellness practices will come from many directions to support our evolution.


Every human being has a unique and extraordinary path to follow, moving us closer towards wellness and self-realization. I remain inspired and influenced by so many teachers and individuals, who have shared their personal journeys with me. Dedication to a daily ashtanga yoga practice under the guidance of my teacher Saraswathi Jois, serves as the working foundation for my life.  


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 I work from the strong foundation of traditional Ashtanga Yoga as delivered by my teacher Saraswathi Jois, while honoring all of the teachers who compose the fabric of my personal practice and teaching style. 


 My mission is to help all individuals develop healthy and sustainable lifestyle practices that build from the basic fundamentals of yoga theory &, alignment, mindfulness and nutrition. 


A personal commitment to lifelong learning with the awareness that every individual, experience, and environment, holds a unique gift of knowledge. 

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